FRENCH: Year 3

SONG_French Greetings - Bonjour!

Enjoy! How many greetings from our song can you spot? Can you spot the age question and answer?

RAP_AGE_quel age as tu

A really catch rap to teach you how to ask and answer questions about your age. Notice it uses the verb avoir (to have). Quel age as tu? means What age do you have? The answer: J'ai 8 ans means I have 8 years. You must always include the word "ans"-years other wise you could be answering: I have 8, I have 8 what?

RAP 1-20

A great way to learn the numbers for your age. Also the teen numbers are super important as you will use them 3 times as you learn to count from 1 to 100.

Animals in French_ As-tu un animal?

This is a fantastic clip for learning: words for animals; questions: As-tu un animal? Do you have an animal; Tu aimes? Do you like?; Qu'est-ce que c'est? What is it?; verbs: avoir (to have), aimer ( to like), etre (to be); singular & plural; masculine & feminine; negatives; pronunciation.

La Famille

This clip names members of a family in French. How many do you have in your family?

SONG_L'alphabet en Français

Practise sounding the alphabet in French. How many letters are the same as the English alphabet? Could you have a game of le pendu (hangman)?

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